Thursday, July 10, 2014

boulder falls or bust

I got the idea to ride my bike up Boulder Canyon - I figured I could get all the way up to the Boulder Falls. I set out without any pre planning and the farther I went, the more frustrated I got. It's gotta be around this corner, RIGHT?...... WRONG.... It was a cool morning, cloudy, so what did I have to complain about. I took a few breaks and finally made it.... GUESS what.. The falls were closed....I jumped the fence... got my pic.. meditated for a bit and then took the fast road back into town.

the first couple miles are on a dedicated walking and biking trail
wasn't too long before I had to transfer to the highway - very little shoulder
8% grades in some spots
so relieved to see this sign...
so bummed to see this sign

and this sign... but that didn't stop me...
the falls were gushing & there I meditated - alone

water has immense power
at the end of the morning, I had an intense workout from the climb. next time I'll do my research to know exactly how far it is on the map.

fun fact... 
on the ride I passed by the ALPS - a hotel where Michael & Katherine had their wedding reception and the place where I laid eyes on Jen Jones for the very first time. I think I sang a song that night.

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