Sunday, July 27, 2014

soothing relief

Kyle Olsen - Idaho wall jammer in Carbondale
 After decompressing in Snowmass for 45 minutes, I drove to get food in Basalt, and landed in Carbondale to get my daily skate in.
couldn't believe my eyes at the skatepark bathroom
a soak at Penny before bed

and a soak at Penny at 5:30am

THEN, it was spa day @ Avalanche Ranch

pool #1 with shaded waterfall

pool # 2 is the hottest and most exposed to the sun

pool #3 is where I spend most of my time

last visit I didn't even find pool # 4

felt so good to soak these old bones

pool #4 is totally enclosed in ancient timbers

I wanna sleep over in the Gypsy wagon with someone special
the Crystal River is just across the highway
back in Carbondale, there is a chalk wall at the library

this couple rolls deep with repurposed chalk

their finished project was amazing
I used to draw this on my school notebooks in high school.

found the Carbondale food coop
 hire young people for odd jobs
leave your house
share what you have
sit on your stoop
have potlucks
barter for your goods
seek to understand
farmer's market was up next

where I got some of the components of this best salad ever

rad tile mural

inspiration to ride my bike long and far - all the way from Massachusetts

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