Monday, July 7, 2014

the bumper stickers of CO VegFest

my 1st time to COLORADO Veg Fest - july 5-6th 2014
summary video here

Will Tuttle with Tom & Elaine
Shawn DeLeo from San Diego based Southern Fried Vegan
I started seeing lots of thought provoking bumper stickers in the parking lot

so twice a day I would make a lap around the lot snapping pics


there is no mad tofu disease

take from it what you will. I'm a fan of bumper stickers

will tuttle author of the best selling book, the world peace diet
Tom and I sat together for Will's lecture - loving what I caught in the background
turns out Paul Shapiro of HSUS & I have some pals in common

Paul's talk was upbeat, funny, & gave the crowd hope that more & more people are going veg.
meat consumption in the USA has been declining for the past few years. 
still miles of progress to go.
1 acre of rain forest is being decimated every minute for animal agriculture
75 million land animals are killed everyday for our appetites

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