Sunday, July 6, 2014

static IV

today was the 1st of 4 Static IV premieres in COLORADO
but first, I had a skate date

with FUZZ

no injuries, just good times

the simplest things can feel so good
Fuzz followed me down the curvy bike path back to the van

I love good PUSHING photos

lift back up the hill and that was a wrap

rode to JULIA's Kitchen for lunch
took a hobo bath in Boulder creek - saw only 2 tubers. talked to Heidi on the phone
and then it was game time at Meta
nobody is early these days but me. it filled up quick after 8:30
not only did we see Static IV...

but these fools got treated to ....

static V as well....job well done, JOSH... take a vacation...
CRISIS premiere is up next on Tues July 8th

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