Thursday, July 10, 2014

little free library tour - BOULDER

after the grueling bike up boulder canyon to the waterfall - 
I pedaled around Boulder checking into a handful of 

#1 was out front of a community garden
#2 had a cool balance beam next to it

great use of chalk board in the door
this little guy ran right up to me at the 3rd stop
#3 - friendly kitty got right on my lap
and hung out for close to 15 minutes

didn't catch his name, but I imagine he greets many of the library visitors
broke up the tour with this amazing SAMPLER PLATTER special from Julia's Kitchen

rode right up on this guy leaving Julia's in north Boulder - he wasn't fazed

#4 - this little fella is inside FAST FRAMES a local business
the Boulder recap - 4 in under 2 hours on a bike


As I was 2 blocks from Illya's in Lafayette, I spotted this one!
I'm seeing them everywhere.... I left a book at #2 and took a book from #3 & #4.

I encourage all home and/or business owners to make and install one ... click here

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