Sunday, July 27, 2014

tubin the Platte

In Confluence Park where the South Platte River meets Cherry Creek, there is a man made serious of rapids that are just right for tubing. My recently relocated homegirl, Karen, met us on the banks of the Platte.
Beadle's is blown, and Karen just gets started.
Karen & I on our inaugural voyage - p:adam
Adam drops in with Beadle not far behind.
Adam & Beadle at the starting point

Beadle was loving it ! !

the hike back up river

Karen - ecstatic - 1st time on the river

depending on which route you took, things could get a little harry

Adam says a prayer to the river gods that he doesn't get dumped again

Beadle with the patented LEAN BACK technique


the overhead camera captured Beadle & Karen mid run
ready for more

last ride with Karen

so long, sister !

insert speed boat noise here
and a cannonball to end the session
None of this would have been possible with out the generous RIVER RAT donations from Rachael Weiss!

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