Wednesday, July 9, 2014

el dorado

what's left of a classic Boulder skate spot

rolled out to El Dorado Canyon for a swim with LZ & this was the 1st bumper sticker I saw

The historic swimming pool is fed directly from the artesian spring since its opening in 1905.
the diving board was going off until it broke

something's just not right.....

ahhhhh... that's better...  
the sun came in and out, but the day was HOT!

after a dip we broke out the farkle
with rolls like this 3 pairs, LZ took the victory
a nice backflip before the board malfunction

LZ tried the slide a few times, but opted not for a pic
it's a stretch to call it LEVITATION......
later that evening after eating leftovers, I met Roth at Meta
We rolled Ollie around in the stroller with Kasha. Caught some street performers on Pearl & found the $2 chocolove bars.


  1. I think mark skates for bodega skateboards, i started bodega with my friend oscar in 96, but stopped doing it a few years later.