Friday, July 4, 2014

Denver Vol.1

1st stop out of the mountains was WATERCOURSE - now all vegan

zip zinged over to VOODOO for a fritter

Voodoo is half a block from 303 where I met Kaji
over @ Rori's - I'd met Pippy as a kitten

she's all grown up now...hisses then wants to play....
Rori is now vegan & eats 10 bananas twice a day

she shared some with me... nanaers, ice, water....& sometimes cinnamon

it's delicious
Summer & Piper rocked a lemonade stand all weekend
got treated to a live performance of the Patty & Schukla show

45 deep and counting...
I'm unbelievably jazzed on this chap - Matthew Silver - VIDEO get inspired
Peaceful Prarie pizza pigout fundraiser

glad they chopped the pieces small. Bonnie Brae Tavern
Arvada with Glen, Furlong, & Jake - Jeff Wastell was there too
zip zagged with Chris Weichert - ended up at Beet Box Bakery p:weichert

KGNU fundraiser at Watercourse - taco salad
Ed & Martha took me to David's Kabob House for dinner

Mary - up close and personal

Tom was more enthusiastic about my visit.

check Weichert's expression - front hurricane fakie - denver park

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