Sunday, July 27, 2014

devil's icebox

I'm editing photos at the Carbondale library on Wednesday morning and Adam calls. "We're at the trailhead. Decided to come back a day early. Where are you?" So I jump in the van and go collect them in Snowmass.

Adam was happy to be off the trail.
we celebrated their safe return with COLORADO PEACHES

rolled up Independence Pass to go cliff jumping
some call it the Punch Bowl, Parris calls it the Devil's Icebox

I showed the boys how it's done.
Beadle was next.
Adam hates cold water, but he went right to task!

cold but refreshing
it took a tribe to get this girl to take the plunge, but she overcame her fear

Beadle soaking up some sun before we went to the HOT water.

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