Sunday, July 27, 2014

reality check

entering Glenwood Canyon
 The plan was to be on the road by 6am and drive to the trailhead near Snowmass. Then hike with 30-40lbs on our backs and sleep in the wild for 5 nights. Angela had to work on Tues, so she was only staying for the first night and packing out the next day.  We were on the road by 6:30am.
steriPENing water in the staging area

the trailhead marker

packed up and heading up
up through the Aspen's

didn't get on the trail til closer to 11am, so we stopped for lunch within the hour
hiked along a creek most of the way

terrific vistas as we got higher up

trail dog

love the rushing water

sharp peaks
can you see the waterfall way in the background?

I took a quick swim on one of our rest breaks

I'm starting to feel the strain of the pack & the altitude by now
Beadle on fire patrol after the rain in camp

 Luckily we decided to stop and set up camp earlier than the others really wanted. It rained and hailed once we got the tents up. We all napped til the rain tapered off. I slept soundly as I was exhausted after only 5 hours on the trail. As I was trying to get up from my nap, I made the decision to not continue and to hike out in the morning with Angela. My hips, shoulders, & knees were all hurting already, and I could only imagine that would get much worse with each additional day. I grossly underestimated the degree to which I am out of shape. Reality check. Adam crossfits everyday. Beadle just rode his bike from Portland to Missoula. Angela was a college level rower & now plays hockey. I just skateboard and ride my bike around towns. Turns out I'll need to do more serious exercise should I decide to take up backpacking.

a little sip

 Beadle's banana cutting technique
instant oatmeal with nuts and banana for breakie
waving good bye - I'll pick you up in 4 days
check ADAM's photos from when they were alone.
check out Beadle's butt
that's better . last group shot

our camp was in the pines on the left side of this shot

I was curious if this beaver dam was dynamited?

a marmot family checking out Angela & I

can you see the waterfall now?

we soaked our feet in the creek, then Angela took off

and now it was time for some hot springs action

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