Saturday, July 26, 2014

Adam Intro

I linked up with Adam & Beadle after dark.
We went for a walk and stumbled upon some discarded vegan muffins...!

next morning we met at Beet Box for donuts
Adam exercised discretion (1), & I did not (2)
Adam & Beadle are childhood pals. I got to know them both when they lived in San Diego
They know live on opposite sides of the country and this was the beginning of 10 days of intrigue and fun.
Adam worked at Overload for a few years before abandoning me to go live in Carrboro, NC. 
the fellas got B-Cycles for the day & we were off
checked out the Denver branch of Voodoo
brunch & farkel @ Sputnik after checking out Nooch
thrifted @ the nearby Goodwill where I couldn't pull the trigger on these Crocs knock offs
Rachael hand delivered 2 tubes after we grabbed Sweet Action
Adam demoed the rock wall & quickly found himself on his ass
up next hot water tubing......

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