Friday, July 4, 2014

Denver Vol.2

 I walk out a door on COLFAX and I see Bob's wife... Bob & Sonny were just up ahead

struck out finding a seamstress, so I got a HUGE watermelon.
killed it in under 24 hours
goes in just looking like a middle aged mom
30 minutes later she's a hockey player... #92

look alive out there!

MILO at the kids hockey practice
the following day, Rori's back on the ice as #29
caught the monthly CHOMP

the menu for the evening

frying up the plantains

sign in the common area of the non profit venue

mine didn't look this pretty but it was delicious... p:plants&animals
met Justin at Illegal Pete's - he's a Silly Pink Bunny
LG was the party coordinator - thanks LG

old Boulder/Denver punkers united 20 years later

bob was in from Ethiopia

Sonny in from Vegas to play with Bob.

Dan, Matt, & Bryan live closse by.. lucky to get in on the hangout...
oh we missed you Rich, Grant, and Crouse..too bad Shit Handler moved to the east coast...


  1. Looks like a good time. Say hey to everyone!

    1. so you packed up and left town? it was a gas to see everyone... but i especially like visiting CROUSE in park city once a year... mid sept 2014 is the next slated adventure... we're talking about jumping a freight train and seeing where we end up...