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There are two people in particular that I see on FB all the time, shredding super hard, seemingly everyday. And these two people inspired me to make the commitment to skate everyday for the entire summer. 
Wrex Cook & Jim Gray inspire me!
For the past couple of weeks I'd been moving some friends from central Kansas to Everett, WA, and hadn't stepped on a board in a weeks. Sometimes that's the way it goes for me. Then when I do get back on my board, I feel like a pile because it takes time to get back to where I was.

 I kept a skate journal in my back pocket to help me remember where I was and with who I skated. I'm certainly didn't take photos at every session, & sometimes there wasn't a session - it was just a push on the cruiser. My intention is to document every day and plug in plenty of applicable pictures.

Day #1 was June 21st - the summer solstice to some, go skateboarding day to others.
One of my dearest pals, Illya, joined me for an early session at the Lafayette Skatepark (#1)
Bacon rolled into Ft Collins' Northside Skatepark (#2) & Xavier was blasting - Jason Buck & Taylor DeHart shoot
Jason Buck shot me for Young Guns & Lifers
after darkness fell, some of the Baconomics crew including my bro, Chris Klich sessioned Launch (#3)

Day #2 was June 22nd
to my amazement an entire cavalcade of old pals rolled up to the Milliken Skatepark (#4) Precision Phil

Jeff Chase was on the Fart City tour with heads from NE, WI, & MN.

Day #3 was June 23rd
started off the morning at The Recycler (#5) Klich drifting an ollie
Fuzz noseblunting at Broomfield Skatepark (#6)
Klich ollies as HK rocks the house

Day #4 was June 24th
Zach & Fuzz look on as Alan Young Smith grinds the hanger at BIG Arvada (#7)

Chris Sessions rocks it frontside at Terrill's pool (#8)
Terrill charges the hip in this Colorado backyard clover (#9)

Day #5 was June 25th
Memorial Skatepark (#10) of Colorado Springs sees Alan Young blunt fakie the vert

ole Kansas pal, Kelly Korte, boosts an ollie in the street course

Day #6 was June 26th

I linked up with the Fart City crew at the Leadville Skatepark (#11) Kevin Wilkins

Day #7 was June 27th
full pipe mission (#12) with fart city - Danny Stemper up high

helluva crew deep in the pipe - p:wilkins

Day #8 was June 28th
I went to the red Denver park (#13) and soon collided with a BMXer. Not a fun day.

Day #9 was June 29th
rode my cruiser to my friend Rori's house in Denver

Day #10 was June 30th
zip zanging with Chris Weichert to Beet Box Bakery

Day #11 was July 1st
rode red Denver park again - this time with Chris Weichert - hurricane fakie

Day #12 was July 2nd
cruised down to the Ogden

Day #13 was July 3rd
Superior mini ramp (#14) with Fuzz

Day #14 was July4th
Boulder Skatepark (#15) early morning solo

Day #15 was July 5th
6th Avenue Skatepark (#16) before VegFest

Day #16 was July 6th
manuel session before VegFest

Day #17 was July 7th
this little qp section in downtown Boulder - pivot to fakie

Day #18 was July8th
Brian Ball on the job with Square State at Lafayette

Day #19 was July 9th
started the day off at Broomfield with a solo early morning session
linked up with Launch executive director ANDY WEISS at Waters Way Skatepark (#17)
followed the camp over to Spring Canyon Skatepark (#18) for a front rock on the new qp

Day #20 was July 10th
skated Northside with Sven on a warm morning

Day #21 was July 11th
hit this new Thornton Skatepark (#19) in the morning on the way to Denver
Day #22 was July 12th
skatepark cleanup at Edora Skatepark (#20) John Allison carves over the water

Day #23 was July 13th
solo session at Launch - this photo was taken on another day

Day #24 was July 14th
this day kicked off a 5 day Launch skatepark tour - Jaden at Waters Way
Sam Kanter on the metal mini at the OG Loveland Skatepark (#21)

skated Allan's ramp (#22) at Sol Skate Shop
Andy boosting the hip at the OG Longmont Skatepark (#23)

Andy kickflips up the Euro at the newer Longmont Skatepark (#24)
Dryden Smith over at the fairly new Loveland Skatepark (#25)

Day #25 was July 15th
Andrew pivot fakies the volcano at Milliken Skatepark

Andy fakie ollie nosegrinds at Johnstown Skatepark (#26)
pivot fakie at Windsor Skatepark (#27) p:weiss

Day #26 was July 16th

Lee front tailblock on the rock at Lafayette Skatepark
step off at the Erie Street Plaza (#28)

Day #27 was July 17th
we hit all 5 public skateparks in Ft Collins as well as skating the Launch ramp
Sven ollie transfer at Northside Skatepark
Andy wallriding at Edora Skatepark
Andy backside 180 at the Fossil Creek Street Plaza (#29)

Smith grind the pool block at Waters Way p:weiss
Andy feebles the new street pad at Spring Canyon
Angelo nosepicking at the Launch Over 30 night
and that was it for me on the skatepark tour - I did 4 of 5 days of shred.

Day #28 was July 18th
cruised to Beet Box Bakery

Day #29 was July 19th
red Denver park early morning session

Day #30 was July 20th
cruised around Angie's house in Denver

Day #31 was July 21st
Kyle Olson punches off wall at Carbondale Skatepark (#30)

Day #32 was July 22nd
skated Carbondale again solo in the morning

Day #33 was July 23rd

Coalatree Ramp (#31) with Zach, Austin, me & Adam

 Day #34 was July 24th
tws homies rolled in late the night before - Christian back D

Day #35 was July 25th
zip zing to Beet Box

Day #36 was July 26th
zip zing to Nooch

Day #37 was July 27th
back in Ft. Collins, I shredded Northside with Turtle, Jacoby, & Mike.

Day #38 was July 28th
skated Launch solo and barefoot

Day #39 was July 29th
skated Launch with Drew & Reese

Day #40 was July 30th
This is where I blew my momentum. I meant to skate Launch earlier in the day, then got preoccupied. Got back to the van late and realized at 11:45pm that I hadn't skated yet. I was exhausted and could have gone in Launch for a quick few turns, but chose to go to bed. Blowing it. It was raining this day and I was left to ponder....SHOULD I CONTINUE?   yes I did. trying to salvage a project that I wanted to see through to completion..... I said to myself, "many days I skated more than once, can't one of those multi sessions transfer to this day where I blew it?" Regardless, I kept and it and that's why I entitled the project 101-1=100

Day #41 was July 31st
skated Northside til dusk with Turtle & Jacoby

Day #42 was August 1st
Northside with Mikey & Tsedeq

Day #43 was August 2nd 
kicked it all day with Trent from Detroit and we took some turns at Launch

Day #44 was August 3rd 
Northside with Sean Kelly, Mike, & Mike

Day #45 was August 4th 
Launch solo

Day #46 was August 5th 
this bowl at Northglenn Skatepark (#32) is soooo fun/

Day #47 was August 6th 
zip zing to Nooch

Day #48 was August 7th 
this was a disturbing site to behold at my morning Denver park session

 Day #49 was August 8th
 red Denver park

Day #50 was August 9th 
John Allison blasting over the hip at the Milliken Grand Opening

Day #51 was August 10th 
zip zing to Nectar House in Denver

Day #52 was August 11th 
skated the Wheel Skatepark (#33) in Aurora, CO.

Day #53 was August 12th 
zip zing to the Ideal Market

Day #54 was August 13th 
Boulder Skatepark solo early morning

Day #55 was August 14th
grinding at the updated Evergreen Skatepark (#34)

Day #56 was August 15th
zip zing to the post office

Day #57 was August 16th
OG ftcollins skate pal - Hyland Mather came by Launch

later this evening Taylor DeHart punched out to wallride at the Ragga Tucka screening

 Day #58 was August 17th 
day two of Hyland's art install, we kept taking skate breaks

Day #59 was August 18th 
 Northside with John, Jaeson, & Jacoby

Day #60 was August 19th 
Launch solo & barefoot on the Creature wrench board

Day #61 was August 20th 
Launch with Mike & Austin

Day #62 was August 21st 
great turnout for the Over 30 night at Launch, Brian, Buck, Brando, Angelo

Day #63 was August 22nd 
Launch solo

Day #64 was August 23rd 
skated Launch and reconditioned a new cruiser at the board building workshop

Day #65 was August 24th 
Tsedeq got MVP at the 2nd annual Slappy Sunday Session

Day #66 was August 25th
Fairplay Skatepark (#35)

Day #67 was August 26th 
taking a lap around the pool at Valley View Hot Springs
Saguache Skatepark (#36) - pretty terrible

 Day #68 was August 27th

Gunnison Skatepark (#37) first thing in the morning
Crested Butte Skatepark (#38)

Day #69 was August 28th 
zip zing in the Durango Food Co-op parking lot

 Day #70 was August 29th
caught a Cowtown curb contest - Shaun Gregoire & Ryan Lay

Day #71 was August 30th 

my 1st session at the new Lakeside Skatepark (#39)

 Day #72 was August 31st
I love the 3" coping on the Edgemont Ramp (#40)

Day #73 was September 1st 
zip zing in the Ronald's Donut parking lot in Las Vegas

 Day #74 was September 2nd
 Coalatree for a second in the wet morning.
noon time session with another OG ft collins crew - Mark Liscak - Leadville Skatepark
witnessed the new Breckenridge Skatepark (#41)

Day #75 was September 3rd
Silverthorne Skatepark (#42) early morning 
tackled the 3 smaller Arvada Skateparks (#43-45)

Day #76 was September 4th
rode Northside on Peyton's loose trucks

 Day #77 was September 5th
skated Launch solo before the All Hands on Deck art show/fundraiser 
(the main reason I was in CO all summer)
Andy hangs Rich Jacobs' original work above Jim Houser's painting

Day #78 was September 6th 
Taylor and Skelly took me to the unopened Loveland Skatepark (#46)  WOW!

Day #79 was September 7th 
 Northside with new board, wheels, & shoes

Day #80 was September 8th 
Launch solo

Day #81 was September 9th 
skated Launch and hung part of my board collection 
49 of my decks adorn the south wall of the LCC now - p:weiss
 Day #82 was September 10th
Launch solo on my old board

 Day #83 was September 11th
Launch with Reed & Tyler as it rains outside

Day #84 was September 12th 
Launch solo and it's cold and rainy outside

Day #85 was September 13th
solo session at Launch before the 20 years of chocolate art show in Denver

Day #86 was September 14th
Silverthorne at dawn
Kremmeling Skatepark (#47) for a flatspot
Steamboart Skatepark (#48) afternoon session

Day #87 was September 15th
got Crouse back on his board after a few years absence

 Day #88 was September 16th
Park City Skatepark (#50) with Crouse

Day #89 was September 17th
got in a few licks at the Hailey Skatepark (#51) on hot springs tour  p:Heidi

Day #90 was September 18th
zip zing on the sidewalk at Sunbeam Hot Spring

Day #91 was September 19th
zip zing over the bridge at Gold Bug Hot Spring trialhead

Day #92 was September 20th
skated Missoula Skatepark (#52) - just missed seeing Jeff Ament

Day #93 was September 21st
McCall Skatepark (#53) on International Day of Peace

 Day #94 was September 22nd
high speed run at Pine Flats Campground

Day #95 was September 23rd
zip zing in a Boise parking lot

Day #96 was September 24th
with the help of the fellas at Prestige, I skated Blake's backyard (#54)
 and later that evening skated the OG Boise skatepark (#55)

Day #97 was September 25th
zip zing around Boise

Day #98 was September 26th
Dan gets the high five line at Kuna Skatepark (#56)

Day #99 was September 27th
I got over the stairs at Sisters Skatepark (#57)
Underpass pizza research institute party at Eugene Skatepark (#58)

Day #100 was September 28th
 El Rampo Feliz (#59)
very fitting to have started out skating on June 21st with Klich & to be back with him on day 100

Day #101 was September 29th
rolled at Burnside in the morning - Q was there.
 so this makes for 100 days on board.....
the journey continues. it's day 113 as I type this morning and we'll see if I can hit 200 days, maybe all 365. 

I applaud your tenacity if you made it this far in my longest blog post ever!

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