Saturday, October 11, 2014

bonus round PDX

Fudge rolls up to Robo Taco for some lunch

le cuisine
talking upholstery at the bar nextdoor

Fudge rolls out - back to the office

Chad & Aaron enjoying SweetPea

I love catching Emiko in a photo.... got her smiling too

new LD offering in the conference room at IPRC
close up

Karen chatted us up at SweetPea

a reminder to forage

I'm riding over to Phil's and not 3 blocks into my ride, I see this guy with the same board rack
been hanging with Judith at the People's Farmer's Mrkt
sweeping up the figs at Phil's

classic front rock from Ultimate Phil

I captured Phil's 1st pivot fakie on his home turf
Phil's skate corner!
a momentous occurrence on Instagram - check that vid of phil's

Klich rolling up under the bridge

I love this curb

a little airtime from Klich

lien to tail, front blunt Smith, fingerflip to disaster

and now for a scramble at Juniors
ran into Sebo Walker at Cal's Pharmacy

I thought Klich was kiddin about cats coming out of the woods, but Striker found me

500 of 1,000,000 plants to be put in the ground around Portland

break time

the gals digging holes

diggeeridoo demo

and the class of 2014 - friend's of trees

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