Thursday, October 9, 2014

striking out on foot

it was 7:30am, suppose to reach 95 later in the day, & I was 5.9 miles from Donut Friend
so I struck out on foot hoping to beat the heat - and I followed the signs

was happy to cross the LA River and see it had some water in it

looking down I saw a familiar skate spot on the bike path
part of the grid that feeds LA
finally I arrived and had a blast - FULL BLOG here
I walked the 6 blocks to GALCO's for a root beer - FULL BLOG here
took the train and walked to Pizzanista to find it closed til 5pm on the weekends!
walking back to the train I stopped at Shojin for expensive sushi

must we place the security station next to the peace memorial?
was hoping this was the car wash from CARWASH the movie

cool photos of Dressen on the walls of Kingswell
caught the Henry & Glen Forever art showcase at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

cats forever & ever
you make my dreams come true
pool # 1 with Melcher

getting busted and trying to call in reinforcements

so we kept our cool and exited
pool #2 was looking like a bust but we held our ground and conquered

Patrick has backflipped off that stage and hopes to jump the hotel roof in the future!
Patrick dropped me at the restaurant for the surprise and my trunks were still dripping - FULL BLOG here
Ben dropped me at the Gonz signing - FULL BLOG here
5:45am on the 405, we hit a ladder and here the gals check for damage - all clear

zoomed by the Buttonwillow ditch at 70mph

a quick hello to KISS at the Sacto Food Co-op
we listened to Teagen's CD on the drive home

mt shasta from I-5
both Bonnie & Elaine had yet to visit Pizza Research Institue - so that was a must stop!
and then we were home in Portland 2 hours later.... thoroughly exhausted from 32hours in the car in the 72 hours.  totally worth it... so thankful I could hpp in the car!

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