Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GONZ @ pizzanista

thanks to a heads up from Rich, I was able to check this out

the line was huge by 4:45pm
just down the street is the facade for the bar in ALWAYS SUNNY in philly
Greg Hunt chats up Salman with Grant Brittain looking on

Jeremy Klein took off early

with Jim Greco in tow

Lance with a fan and Tobin Yelland

Grant was shooting some portraits with Salman on the street
and then the line was moving
inside it was plenty hectic - Gonz was signing rapidly

lots going on

darkness falling

hanging with Roger Seliner, then Dave Englund sat down with us

grabbed a book for Rich

vegan Mac&Cheese pizza was the special for the evening!

Bo Mitchell from Eastbound & Down is a skate nerd
Salman brought out a cake for someone in Mark's group

and I was by his side as we were all singing Happy Birthday
Jeremy Wray was there too!
sneaking out the back with my ride, we peeped all the specialty boxes they've made over the last years
and once again, I missed the Clara Cakes - all sold out....

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