Monday, October 20, 2014


the new Alberta Street skate dot is coming along....

I still am in a state of shock as to how small it is

taco fest at El Nutri

a desert I never had before at Back to Eden

Klich went with a swirl cone

Klich took me to the Daddies ramp where he tried to get me to pivot fakie the ext...

airing to fakie

couch hop
at least I can still do a wallride

had to rest on my memories of celebrating Chad's bday, as this year he went underwater

Burnside bridge making way for a barge

Curt educated me at PSU - this was called Sex Crimes

class #2 for the day was Terrorism and the Media

ROAD MAGIC - running into San Diegans Johanna & Matt @ People's

had to take them to the mini mall

Klich approves of the rough housing

moments later - asleep by each other's side - harmony restored

FunDAY Monday at Col. Summers park

I'm staying in Portland to experience this!!!! then southbound & down

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