Friday, October 17, 2014

north portland cat culture

Clara was in from Austin to visit Tyler, & I was just back from Vancouver.

Tyler likes to see me from time to time.

Natalie captured this moment. Tyler on the arm, Henri in the lap, Abb on the floor.
Henri was just a kitten when I first met him in JUNE.

He's growing up and is highly inquisitive. more interested in me than the ball game

right up in my face!
Abb was on patrol

Albert Wesker was trying to convince me to open the microwave

turns out the treats are kept in the microwave

organized chaos with treats sprinkled on the floor
once the cats were fed, the humans went to dinner at Proper Eats. Bad Brains tacos for me

met Miss Audrey on the way back into the house....the newest addition to the household...

and then the next morning at Kenny's house .......
Turtle and I were able to spend some QT together...
hear the lion ROAR! 

so fun to be around.....

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