Tuesday, October 28, 2014

home build

Brodie's new home is out in the sticks. No sidewalks, steep driveway, but they do have a concrete basement

Zep & I helped dad put the finishing touches on the 1st of 2 qp's

came out pretty good....

a few pointers from the elder

Zep hitting coping

Brodie in his lounge shoes
not far away is the Muk - aka the Mukilteo YMCA

dad doing his best to get Zep over the fear of dropping in

Brodie can still do a back Smith on pretty much anything...
foosball break

Brodie takes the backside 5.0 across and down the escalator

this is me at one of two outdoor skateparks in nearby Everett
Brodie - back D on the main QP at The Garage - another indoor option in Everett

Zep streetskating out front of the Garage
the Crown Hill concrete mini ramp is about 40 minutes away

Brodie on the 5.0

punching out frontside

and this in consideration for the next cover of SLAP!

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