Wednesday, October 22, 2014

about town

Shane rolled through town on his way south

and it was donut day at Sweet Pea

coffee at 8am

Shane chose a sprinkled variety

Kevin brought me 25lbs of locally grown quinoa

Chad came in after Shane hit the road

I buckled down & chose the pumpkin spice latte donut
waved Fudge down on Broadway on his way to a male modeling gig

Klich setting up a new plank

looking like this Halloween Burnside will have a Star Wars theme
half cabbing the spine
buffalo cauliflower was the appetizer that Emily whipped up for the 1st time

dela cotta squash stuffed with quinoa and greens for the main course

farkle after dinner

Scrap is right across ML

Ulysses S Gato
finally skated the cement plant curb with Klich

bros - nollie back lip

celebrated a good curb session with tacos at Gorditas
Judith checking her list at People's

I met Judith's partner for the 1st time

my old emerica's will become turf

did Rachelle just break Kevin's phone?

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