Tuesday, October 28, 2014

last days in Snohomish

Zep & I went on a mission to the city... Disappointment at Mighty O

the case was empty, but a concerned client handed over their last 1/4 donut

next stop Pizza Pi in the U district

got the mac & cheese pizza - not as good as pizzanista....

hung with Rocky & Tater Tot @ Deb's crib on Ravenna
caught the new TWS film - OUTLIERS  - stoked for Marius
Bianca & Iris keeping the front trimmed back

Daddy reads to Iris by the fire as Buster walks into frame

Buster is a good dog - still pretty spaztastic, but good at heart

Zep wanted to go dumpstering & we found him a roll

chaos - after wearing a friendship bracelet on my ankle for 3.5 years it finally fell off
 Laura put it on my ankle, and now that's it's off my ankle, I wrapped it around the owl that she gave me many moons ago that sits shotgun with me near the speedometer.
homemade guac as part of my last meal

Iris & Zep - quiet on the couch

pumpkin pancakes for breakfast
many thanks to B for alterations and life extensions on some clothes!!!
see you on the flip side.......

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