Friday, October 10, 2014

portland flicks

met Bella at the farmer's market

she perked up after some pets
cats on the streets

self defense

met a new cat lover at DC Veg

despite what it may sound like....

I just keep getting the cheese steak sando

puppy next door to Poler

Lori D did a new mural at the Poler retail store in SW

half piping details
Klich sang Johnny Cash at the Sandy Hut

always finding new Little Free Libraries - this one in SE

tight detail on the knob

bummed that El Nutri was closed after a skate at Happy Valley

truck bed garden in SE

turtle is chill

I always feel more empowered when I'm wearing a pal's shirt - this is Brodie's
it allowed me to get up on this boardslide

Klich & I made a movie for Food Fight  - HERE

some outtakes from the movie

double pivot fakies

Klich kranking over the pyramid at Happy Valley
and don't you forget it

love this bench outside Canteen
the JAWZ art car near Unheard

a lovely lunch with Klich & Sara where she made fun of us for not nothing much about Harry Potter

great signage at the vegan mini mall

spot check  - saving it for a weekend cruise

Troy - the same dude I met at the Eugene Skatepark last week
Klich going over me at the 2nd Beaverton park

dueling pole jams

and an ultra brief visit from Shane......

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