Friday, October 17, 2014

across state lines

O!Vegasm pop up meal at Red & Black was out of this world and fueled my day
stretching the back out for the big ride across state lines
Beadle bring the beast from the backyard
 For the past two years I've had dreams of traveling far and wide on my bicycle. As I've continued to not do so, I've set my sights a bit lower. And was hoping to just cross at least one state line this year. Beadle called with just such an opportunity. Round trip for me was about 40 miles. Not much if any elevation gain, but we did cross a state line!
Beadle and Jen ready to shove off

north on Williams
the other day it was arugula, today it was bread in the freebox on Rosa Parks
a long ride ahead
approaching the Columbia - parallel to I-5 now

checkin the rear view mirror

Seattle only 168 miles, Hooters next exit

looking up river on the Columbia - crossing one hell of a bridge


over the tracks and out into the sticks
saw a lone coyote near this tree

that is our destination, Vancouver Lake
Beadle won Farkle
all sorts of snacks
I brought and devoured one of Beadle's backyard tomatoes
riding back through Vancouver, we could see the bridge back home

bicycle advocacy at its finest in Vancouver!
almost on it
birds in frame - another bridge in the background - this time looking down river

OR S/L WA - that's the state line sign in the middle of the river
Oregon greets us
and suddenly we're back in Portland
with the bridges behind us, I parted ways with Beadle and Jen to venture off on my own in search of Curt & Natalie and all their cats........ coming up next.....

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