Thursday, October 23, 2014

alex & some Caron sistas

Just when I was planning on leaving the next day to visit Alex in Olympia, I get word that he's coming to Portland.  And then on to points further south. So I left Jeff's bowl mid session to link up with Alex, Nikki, & Besh at the Paradox Cafe. Just as everything in the bay area is closed on Mondays, Sundays can be equally tricky in Portland. Jam on Hawthorne - closed at 3. Harlow - closed at 3. Luckily Paradox is open till 5 on Sunday! 

I had the pleasure of finishing off their homemade HORCHATA
she's got the reach

approaching Hawthorne
after a trip to House of Vintage, we made our way to Blue Star

they say it's bourbon infused - they always have these two

the powdered sugar variety rotates... my two choices for a snack

these photos were taken off a mirror - I can see the bliss

can you see the bliss?

Alex, Besh, & Nikki

grumpy cat on the walk back to Belmont

album cover
convinced the trio to join me for THE NAKED GUN
Will Potter was in town from DC - here with Brian from FOOD FIGHT

highlights from the film - Alex had never seen it and loved it

next up - late night Robo Tacos

the mushroom tacos with guac

fuzzy end of the evening photo - alex & nikki
I went back to the van with tentative plans to meet up for breakfast. I elected instead to start driving to Everett at 4am. And the trio went to Cougar and Brietenbush Hot Springs....Hope to see them soon.

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