Wednesday, October 8, 2014

donut friend

I walked 6 miles from Ji's crib in Los Feliz to get here.

gorgeous mural on the inside

Chocolate from the Crypt was in the running

so stoked to see Rites of Sprinkles weren't all made with multi colored sprinkles

probably would have got a Fudgegazi if they weren't out
I had to ask what the fritter reference was - apparently Further seems Forever is a band


my selections for the day - it was tough to keep it at two

Rites was awesome - fritter seemed a bit too crispy
stoked !! ! donuts for breakfast!

I wrote postcards for a while, then had a chat with Mark the owner and drummer of JEHU
 In talking to Mark, I learned that all their donuts are vegan, but some of the toppings are not. Good to know
Mark gave me a Rites of Sprinkles pin that I cherish

maybe he'll be up for a Rites of Spring bootleg tee for one of his Rites of Sprinkles tees?

keep up the good work - MARK, and I'll be back in DEC.
quite the adventure - and Galco's soda superstore is only 6 blocks away !

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