Saturday, August 2, 2014

the Fort

my last from a vegan voodoo bucket
checked out a different meditation option
they cut up my dumpstered cantaloupe & everyone ate it!
On my way to meditate, I stopped by the best dumpster in town and found a perfectly good cantaloupe. I figured that perhaps I could hide it in the bushes until I could get it back to a fridge. I chose to ask the greeter at Heruka if they had a refrigerator. They did and she took the melon and thanked me for bringing it. When she returned, I felt the need to clarify. "I'm not sure you understand, I found that melon in a dumpster on the way here. I was going to eat it later." She was unfazed and countered that they are happy to share rescued food. Sure enough, after the hour of meditation, she went in the back, cut it up, and served it to us. 
oh WF - A. watermelon is healthy  B. it's spelled WATERMELLON
still on my quest for used Crocs, these knockoffs got voted down
the evolution of an envelope
I scored this old rollerskating poster from a recycling bin on the CSU campus. I figured I'd write a letter on it at some point. It was fairly banged up and sorta soiled in parts. Last year when I attended the Portland Zine Symposium, I attended a workshop on the importance of letter writing. The lovely facilitator had all sorts of good advice. She also provided us with a custom envelope template. I've kept that template with me and pull it out from time to time. Most of the time I'm writing postcards with no need for an envelope. But ever so randomly I find a piece of paper that begs to be written on & it's those times that I must also create a unique envelope. Heidi has something to look forward to when she gets home from Chicago.
this one is for Phil Burcher
went to sangha one sunday and didn't get the memo that it was carpet cleaning day
so myself and these two newbies sat together for 20 minutes outside in the shade. then I sung a song.
ft collins is a bike friendly community - bike crochet on a downtown fence
and out on a southerly bike path...a fine message
my new friend, Liz - our 1st chat at Avo's
an ever present issue as seen at Bean Cycle
found these on a major street corner, but no straps & too small
rad lunch pouch when Square State came to Launch
this is my primary swimming spot on the Poudre.
I'd never seen someone jump from up in the tree
stoked I witnessed this
this is Turtle a Ft Collins local - but I first met him at Brooklyn Street in PDX in 2013
Last summer in Homer, Alaska, I was out hiding my bike around early in the morning and passed a thrift store. There was a large pile of donations out in front of the store. I stopped and took a look and walked away with a worn pair of sturdy Carhart black denim pants. I had high hopes that they would fit me. Alas, once back at the van, I tried them on and they were too small. I held onto them with the hopes of finding a skater that would appreciate them. Fast forward to June 21st at Northside Skatepark. The Bacon team was arriving & about to demo. I'd found the pants in the van and had found a few other items to give away. Turtle caught my eye as I was walking the perimeter of the park. He remembered me from Portland and we got to talking. I asked if he could use a pair of pants. Once he saw what they were, he graciously accepted. Now fast forward again to the end of July. I see Turtle skating Northside barefoot. Low & behold, he's wearing the pants and was singing their praises. He asked where I found them and it took me a second to recall, but then the Homer memory popped into my head and I shared the story. He countered that his dad works most of the year in Homer as a miner. How perfect......I found the one skater that could use a pair of pants, who fit in the pants, & who had a family connection to their city of origin. I'd say that is a fine tale of reuse.

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