Monday, August 18, 2014

ragga, Pat Benetar, WAR

riding my bike to sangha, I found Jerry Simpson's pad again

I look up from the door & Jerry is walking up. Radical assemblage artist & dumpster diver

always stoked to stumble onto another Little Free Library
next morning I stopped by Lindsay's to get posters for All Hands on Deck

he showed me the Conspiracy warehouse

plenty of rad art on the walls - fun dogs too

I didn't have time for a swim.....
got back to Launch & grabbed a donation from Rocky Mountain Salsa

Launch is the charity of the month @ the Food Co-op so we tabled during New West Fest
Jaspar said hello

Red slobbered on me .. no big whoop

White Owl stopped by

stop by the Food Co-op anytime this month & donate your change to Launch

Ft. Collins is a good town for riding bikes
I scoped out the curb

Jerry & Terrill & Greg came up for the Ragga Tucka premiere at Launch
Andy, Taylor, & Jerry selecting the chapters to play

Greg nosestall revert on the oververt

Miles rocking a new Chris Shary design

Orlando Baker came out

Taylor punches out to wallride

Terrill take it high frontside
I snuck out & attempted to get close to Pat Benetar

it was a zoo and I kept getting denied trying to backdoor it

regardless, I could see the jumbotron and hear some of her hits


tilt - a - whirl - just like at Joyland

The Bean Cycle turned 10 & celebrated with a tye dye making booth

I still don't have a system down, but I'm happy with the outcome

WAR  playing their hit LOWRIDER & I heard "Why Can't We be Friends?"

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