Friday, August 8, 2014

D town

1st stop Northglenn for the daily shred
met up with Chris & Jen to give Chris back a family heirloom

met up with Fox to get my Lotus Gait ticket and ended up eating a zucchini corndog w/ mac & cheese
 at Nooch at the FIGHTorFLIGHT earth first workshop I got a Sweet Action
early the next morning I'm out on the bike and come across this chalkboard at a garden

a liberated cuc and a freely given zuc & purple bell pepper
handed out my unneeded clothing along the cherry creek bike path in under 5 minutes
ran into Rich Flowerday near the Platte before my swim
rode beyond the swimming hole to take a look at Elitch's roller coasters

about to take the plunge

totally inverted

the hammer is about to drop & a bunch of folks doing the loop
this dude was laying out smooth backflips into a part of the river where I wouldn't dare
visited Illya's office & walked w/ him to a lunch meeting - very business casual
grabbed a Chuck Klosterman book from this little free library near Nooch
Delta Airlines protest at DIA.
turns out that Delta is the strategic US partner of Air France and Air France is the last airline in the world that transports wild primates from the jungles of Singapore & other SE Asian countries to animal testing facilities in the USA. so I ask for your support in boycotting Delta & Air France
Amanda and Susanna holding it down
met Mia (formerly known as Margaret) @ Beet Box before chomp
she would only eat a bite of my pre dinner donut

our main plans were to dine at the monthly supper club
once at the HorseBarn, she developed her ping pong skills
Mia's plate looked better than mine, RAW for august

bruscetta, zuc pesto pasta, walnut balls, choco raw ice cream!

and we played several rounds of dominos before dinner p:mia
and from here the evening turned into one of the most bizarre and unique experiences of my life.
I couldn't have had a better partner in crime to soak it all up with.
there was lots of dancing, naked bodies, a slack line, acrobatics & a pie in the face
inquire over the phone for more details.....

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