Sunday, August 10, 2014

D town extended

some days begin with a gf donut @ Beet Box Bakery

then a bike ride to the skatepark
two pups, one bike

never know what sort of horse shit you'll witness at the skatepark at 9am
brought tears to my eyes - Alex leaving the safety of his chair

to get buck on the rapids

lil dude was loving life - not sure who runs this program, but it's important

i take my friends recommendations seriously, & it's nice when a pal takes your rec
the tofu banh mi at Beet Box - my 1st of their new sandwich offerings
dominos with Illya

homeboy made me proud and pounded 4 donuts in 4 hours
dinner sando - the crimini mushroom, cashew cheese, & arugula

linked up with former FRONT ST roomie, Steve Jacobs before sangha
caught the last moments of Miller time on Corona

the Milo dance

rori barks at the moon
a one man PEACE RALLY

turned into a two man walk for PEACE w/ Jerry Frank

Jerry & I on the steps of the Capitol
soup & salad @ SAME Cafe

Fox brought the recording studio to BEET BOX
AVO melt on gf house made bread
3 sando's checked off the list, 3 more to go next time I'm in town

kickin it @ NOOCH with Josh & Alvino (not pictured)
to bed early in preparation for Milliken in the morning

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