Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Denver 3

from Milliken I drove straight to Nectar House for a smoothie

Thanks to Crouse, I watched this QUICKSAND video & balled like a baby

stepped out on the sidewalk and did a quick Quicksand set on Broadway
attended a potluck sponsored by the Citizens Climate Lobby

Nectar House for brunch - house made granola and almond milk

Ann let me try her French Toast and crepe - WOW!
bummed to learn that Denver Zine Library is out of a home

decorated the van a little
the fementation fest was a bust. i thought it was free, but it was $45..ha ha
stopped by Nate's pad & witnessed a piece come together

some smearing

some forms

and the final spacescape
checked out Nate's neighbor's garden

let them me take some cherry tomatoes
some of Nate's finer feline works

met Rich and taught him dominos scoring
tried both Fox's and Josh's rec for Sputnik - the Israeli falafel

after seeing Boyhood, I rode to Watercourse for chicken fried steak night

I wonder how many shows I saw here @ the Gothic ?
glad to know where it is, but bummed I missed them open - back on Sept 2nd
I skated Wheel Park in Aurora and ate dumpstered cherries, then drove to the airport to collect LZ and get her back to Boulder....

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