Thursday, August 7, 2014

detroit trent

meet Trent. this is our 2nd run in at the co-op
his buddy had just been an intern at the Coalatree farm so he took this pic of me
I'd been carefully watching the river level since it rained.

this was the main spot that worried me just after College
for our 3rd run in, we met up at the rope swing & ended up bridge jumping
Trent drops a cannonball on an unsuspecting tuber

my 1st backflip was injury free into 4 ft, but on this one, I scraped my foot a bit
After the rope swinging and bridge jumping and seeing loads of tubers come down the river, I suggested going to get the two RIVER RATS now in my possession. Trent was stoked on the idea, so I rode back to the van and nabbed the tubes. We strolled up the bike path to Shields, blowing up the tubes the whole way. First ride wasn't enough, so we took out at the bridge jump and walked the bike path even further up river towards Taft Hill for our second ride. Going further up river paid off with a bit more thrilling ride.

back @ Launch, Trent skated and did a NBD with this nollie to disaster.
Trent on Andy's board, me on the bike, & Angelo following on his moto - we headed to the Bluegrass fest
can you see the joy on this man's face? pushing in traffic
Angelo double fisting it.

broke the farkle out as we listened to the banjo's picking

mama's BBQ seitan skewers were special for the event

ran into my buddy WHITE OWL at the fest. shoulda known I would
Mandy & Trent get a late dinner at Tasty Harmony for their last dinner in town
 I went to the Sunday morning Shambala meditation service hoping to see Trent there. Can't say I had a good experience. I got all bent out of shape about their candle use. But I figured I might find him at the co-op, & sure enough he was outside on the bench having a beverage and some quinoa salad. I talked him into checking out Damn Good Tacos followed by a tour of campus & a visit to the skate shop. On the way to the taco shop we checked the dumpster and found organic spring mix and a perfect avocado.
Trent got a taste of a damn good taco w/ bonus avo

laughed out loud at the WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR!
People that still ROLLERBLADE!

Trent thinking outside the box on campus
this used to be one of my favorite spots on campus - super close to my apt.

saw this rad painted up JEEP in the parking lot of formerly MOVE
Money is an illusion.
Earth is Real
Honor your Mother

good times with the free spirit from Detroit
hope to bump into you again somewhere, Trent !

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