Sunday, August 3, 2014

getting mail rules

I love getting mail. Meredith sent me a nice card, two new bumper stickers, &
 Normally I'm really picking about what bumper stickers I place upon the van. I have to balance between stating my principles without attracting police & redneck wrath. So I was stunned when both the bumper stickers fell in line with what I feel is acceptable for the van. "BREATHE" by thich nhat hanh resides next to the license plate. "STOP PUBLIC LANDS RANCHING" is dear to my heart because that is the one issue that I point to remembering the most clearly when I saw Howard Lyman speak on the CSU campus in 1991. The same speech that led me to a vegetarian & later a vegan lifestyle. Cattle barons are allowed to graze their for profit livestock on our public lands without paying for the use of the lands. And certainly not having to pay for the environmental degradation that is caused by the cattle in the form of soil erosion & water pollution. We the tax payer have to foot those bills. It pissed me off as an 18 year old, that these rich white assholes were getting a free ride on the taxpayer's back.

With that said, I'd like to put out a request for you, my blog readers, to send me bumper stickers that you would like to see on the back of the van. I will heavily consider any submission and should I surmise that your submission be too controversial for the van, I will place the sticker in another location and it will show up in a future blog post.
my 1st package of cat butt gum
I made the decision to wait and open it when I'm in the presence of one of my cat email list recipients in September. You love cat photos and didn't know I send out a daily cat pic to a select list of cat lovers? Think you might want to get in on the fun? just email me

found a bunch of chalk in a dumpster

with the bluegrass fest happening at Avo's, I thought I'd make message out front

only lasted an hour before the hour washed out my beautiful creation - some friend of animals he is.

Free Palestine rally on College & Mulberry

stop the bloodshed - war mongering Israel

Jaeson - front pivot to long drop off the edge

had a brief visit with the Peter's clan in Erin's new apartment

felt honored to see the Peters Sisters Moving Co in action

Tsedeq - front blunt off the edge into the abyss

and again with a floating ollie to the mush pocket

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