Tuesday, August 26, 2014

curb jamming

time for the 2nd annual post office curb slappy session
it might be a stretch of your imagination....

Chad filmed this SICK CLIP - here chilling with The MRKT's Eric Likewise
Launch's executive director & founder, Andy Weiss, went right to work.
Lee with a proper backside slappy

the line up

Manning was ripping

Tsedeq could get 4 tricks in one run at the curb
Noah, 5050 transfer
Van taking the feeble route

Van & Lee talking lines

Whitman grinding both trucks
kickflip 5050 transfer from Tsedeq Baker

Nick tailslide transfer

Hayden killed it all day - no comply bluntslide transfer

Andy drug out a random piece of concrete as an additional obstacle

Peyton shredded all afternoon - layin back a grinder

Reese pulling in a nosestall

teens talking curbs
Tsedeq got the BONES BEARINGS mvp award
grateful for all the sponsors
Matix, Bones Bearings, Blood Wizard, Theories, Traffic, Thunder, 
Polar, Jivaro, Stance, Coalatree, Emerica, Null, the MRKT, Launch, & Lowcard

special thanks to Chad Seidel for filming THIS AWESOME CLIP

hope to see everyone at our annual fundraiser next FRIDAY! 6-11pm

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