Sunday, August 10, 2014

milliken grand opening

Andy made a terrific SPIN TO WIN wheel

this was LAUNCH's first foray into tabling at an event
the town parade was the 1st order of business
Mexican folklore dancers spinning

cute puppies

you know there'd be a tractor pull
the Mayor flew in on a helicopter

Jaeson flew in over the main hip
John Allison backing him up
blood money presented by a local fracking company

one of the skatepark committee cuts the ribbon

ROTH came out
Ash & DJ Parris spinning the tunes for the day
Jaeson picking a creative line into the cradle

Otto crooks to fakie over the love seat

Tsedeq kickflips the seat
John Allison 5.0 grinding to fakie past the seat

Jaeson back Smith and then rolled in through the love seat
John Allison popped out to back boneless then hopped in over the seat
Tsedeq tugging in a back nosegrind for the win
1. Tsedeq Baker
2. John Allison
3. Jaeson Manzanares
4. Otto

1. Jaeson Manzanares
2. Otto
3. John Allison
4. Austin

1. aqua shirt/shaved head
2. Randall from Lookout

1. Otto
2. Randall from Lookout
3. Metal Matt
3. CJ
3 John Allison

13 & under FLYOUT
1. George
2. Andy
3. Tanner w/ special mention for ripping in the love seat comp
4. Dawson

a definite THUMBS UP day - switch blunt Kenny & Terrill

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