Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#beautifultimes funtimes

Hyland & I are old skate/college buddies. He came to CSU from Anchorage and I came to CSU from Wichita. We skated a lot together from 1990-94.
before sizing up the wall space, he strapped on a knee pad

and we skated the ramp for a bit
Hyland lived at the venue where I produced my 1st music concert
 chris shary drew the flyer & played in Pilot Car. Ana North & Small Dog Frenzy filled out the bill. 
would love for some footage of this show to surface

it was hot the two days Hyland and Amanda were up, so we went to the river
Hyland had never been to this rope swing spot

he took right to it.

all they eat when in the states are TACOS  - so I took them to Damn Good Tacos

Hyland treated us to a sampler platter

He loves his hot sauce !
driving back to LAUNCH

one last skate session before I headed out to sangha

help Hyland & Amanda Marie attain their goal . 

#beautifultimes to see more of their installs .

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