Friday, August 22, 2014

ftc little free libraries

Last year when I was in town in OCT, well maybe it was two years ago, but there was only one 
Little Free Library in town. I looked last week & found eight, so I put together a biking tour to hit them all.
(I stand corrected, there are nine in Ft. Collins, but that last one is on the far south end of town)
#1 was my favorite - a tri-level made of old wine boxes

totally repurposed wine boxes
I noticed the heavy truck traffic on Taft Hill that was talked about at City Council
#2 was rad because it was all used lumber from a fence, and an apple tree shaded it

#3 had a solar reading light for easy night access

#4 had mainly youth titles
hung out with this turkey on the way to #5
#5 had a horse barn theme

#6 was the smallest one I encountered

#7 was a book shelf in a financial services office / I found Ishmael & Moonraker

#8 is the one I went to last year & this year I found Edward Abbey's DOWN THE RIVER
Eight little free libraries visited in under 3 hours by bicycle. I took home three new books. Most excited about DOWN THE RIVER as it was recommended to me the very day before I found it. What do you think about that?

I think it every year, but this year, I'll SAY IT> 
 "I'm going to build a LITTLE FREE LIBRARY for Edgemont by March of 2015."

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