Sunday, August 3, 2014

fine dining

brand new all vegan food cart - The Silver Seed

I caught up with them at the Coloradoan - the reading room

lots to choose from

I'd heard about the special featuring Mama's seitan

but I went with the bbq squash tacos

went back last week to find the Seed at Bath Nursery & try the Hawaiian!
checked out the local Ethiopian spot called Nyala with my Fort Vegan pals
I'd never had Engudai Tibs before and it was delicious (mushrooms, onions, zucchini, & carrots)
been eating lots of damn good tacos
the Sicilian taco with homemade pesto !
yum yum's - been eating falafel's here since '91
$5 falafel special if you pay cash
Tasty Harmony is still the best option in town. More on that later.

back to squash tacos for my 3rd visit at Patreros Creek Brewery on Sunday evenings

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