Monday, August 18, 2014


after Lotus Gait, I drove to Evergreen - grinder 1st thing
visiting Judy at her mountain retreat was the order for the day
wild raspberries grow all over the property

chocolate mint on the island

the creek divides around an island that she takes care of
soakin the dogs

a proper pantry of bulk items in glass

chatted about Rob Greenfield's dumpster diving exploits

the well water she has is perfect for soothing baths
Judy dug out here dominos and we played to 200

as the rain was coming down, we got in her truck and drove up towards Mt Evans
gorgeous meadows

at the top, we struck out on foot

and hiked and talked along this gorgeous creek that finds its way by Judy's cabin at lower elevaion
thanks for having me, JUDY!

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