Friday, August 22, 2014

around ftc

Ft. Collins is gearing up to turn 150 years old

so I'm starting to see more art work with that theme around town

been working hard on this Launch fundraiser coming up Sept 5th.

WED is 2 for 1 pizza night at Avo's

Meredith hipped me to the alleged sustainable housing development of Bucking Horse

Outside of this community pool, I don't think they implemented much yet.

this is one of the upcoming projects. I'll check back in 2015 and see if the garden is growing

ft collins is on the warpath against the houseless, so I attended a city council meeting

we are stoked to be the charity of the month at the food co-op

met this little lady at the skatepark

she's a licker & a lover

totally dumpstered fruit salad / 50% organic!

Launch got a box of solar gear from Goal Zero - gonna do some test driving of it next week

Ferguson cops are out of hand. had to change my profile pic to this. time to demilitarize our police

.....caught wind of this.....

Liz schooled me in Farkle at Avo's

Rich sent a glimpse of his magnificent contribution to All Hands on Deck

plus a sneak peak of Rich's new tee design for Launch 2015

always a good time at the Poudre River rope swings

this spot still eludes me. waiting for the river to rise a bit

tabling at the food co-op, I met a ecology grad student named Yamina & I pronounced it right & she was stoked

2 hours later, I see her walk by DAMN GOOD TACOS,2 minutes later she's seated and we're playing farkle
will she call me for rummy or tubing?
only time will tell

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