Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#beautifultimes install

Our buddy Hyland Mather was in from Amsterdam & started a lost object art piece at LCC

all the wood used was scraps left over from building our ramp
starting to add in some painted geometric components
taping off to make stripes
Andy capturing some action

pulling the tape off to reveal clean lines

it's coming into shape now

I think this would work well HERE

Hyland brought his friend Amanda Marie and she was doing a piece on the opposite wall

Andy & Allison - the brains behind LAUNCH

Hyland retrieves a prop

wolfwoman barks at the Hyland

finishing touches
and it is complete
Amanda sorts her stencils for starters
Amanda is responsible for this monster mural at the Northside skatepark

the 1st tree goes up

working the edges

trees ^&^ ghosts materialize

she utilized the entire WEST wall covering a lot of real estate

turns out she's as much of a watermelon freak as I am

now I'm anxious to try eating my next melon with a hatchet

hatchet in watermelon
#beautifultimes to check out their other works
hyland on instagram  - @ihyland
amanda marie on instagram  - @seeyouthroughit

help them make beautiful art and raise funds for pediatric cancer research & wild flower protection

We are super stoked on the outcome and can't thank you enough !

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