Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oly with Alex & Nikki

1st stop after leaving Brodie & Bianca was Mighty O to play rummy with Chad for 5 hrs

dropped by All Together to not find Marshall - got lost going to Marginal so I motored to Oly
hung out at the co-op till Alex & Nikki arrived
Alex helped me eat Bianca's homemade baba ganoosh
 We had the best evening at Alex, Nikki, & Shane's new house in Olympia. 
Shane was absent, but Alex & I made taco fixings and then played RUMMY into the night with Nikki.
Alex has kitties around his new crib

freshly made almond milk by Nikki over my cereal for breakie

the sun was out, but the ground was not yet dry. we investigate the Friendly Grove skatepark

quick stop at San Francisco bakery for Alex's bagel fix

hanging in their outdoor garden / zen zone

made it over to Yauger, but still too wet to really skate

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