Wednesday, November 28, 2012


woke up at Channel Street Skatepark
learn more about Channel Street here

I contacted Andy and he showed up and then magically ROBBIE was there too
Beardo skates the place like he built it.

lein to tail with a view of the docks
a tale of two frontside rocks

Robbie was off to Arto's - so we headed into Pedro to the Harris Farm

out front is a work in progress, but the back is growing
Andy climbed the avo tree and sent me packing with a bagful
drove over the bridge into Long Beach
Taco Tuesday at Zephyr Veg Cafe in Long Beach. mushroom tacos!!
David Reyes was one of the 1st in line to get PRETTY SWEET

Tim @ long beach skate sold out of 20 copies in an hour

Mario Miller opened his copy for the LB Skate premiere!

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