Saturday, November 24, 2012


i had this foggy notion about a ditch in the hills
turns out it was more than a ditch

these curves are what i recall from my last visit in 1986

lots of possibilities
with some work parts of it could be skateable again, but as it was, I did not roll
and it's all only a mile hike from my Aunt & Uncle's house

Jeanne & I watched my mom's memorial dvd and shed some tears
off for THANKSGIVING dinner at Linda's

I climbed the sandstone to see the remnants of the sunset

Uncle Elias and mi primo JOSE
met some new family members and shared a bountiful meal
Jose nearly put a hole in the ceiling when he inadvertently blasted the cap

got up early and went back to the hills to look for a pool

didn't find the pool, but saw more movie sets

this big rock was used to simulate the entrance to a canyon
did some interweb promotions for BUY NOTHING DAY
seems like most people just went on spending... couldn't be bothered
played a few games of DOMINOS

always nice to see Jeanne not working and smiling

enjoyed some time in the sun before Skate Lab opened
hung with Todd and he showed off his BONES BRIGADE display

amazing pencil sketches of the guys

and I did get in a front rock before headin out of Simi


  1. I love all of this. Thanks for tagging me, primo. xo

  2. glad you liked it, BECCA... did you play as a kid back in those foothills?