Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patricia - LA

linked up with Patricia on Sunday and we journeyed here

Patty's pal, OZZIE, had the connect to take us to ARTO's.

patty on the tiles in no time

phelps has one on me; I didn't get the deathbox

Patty under the grapefruit tree!

Patty took me to FONUTS - wasn't on my donut radar

they were awesome. 6 varieties were vegan and gf

patty went with banana and coconut choco covered
rode bikes out to BLAST and passed the canals on our way

to the venice skatepark
ALEX CLARK was at the park - up for the day with his pals

Alex blasts over the fence

split at pomagranite at the park
felt it on the ride home.... probably rode 10 miles easily

we made a mighty salad

Patty did a curry with broccoli and brussel sprouts

watched LORDS OF DOGTOWN before turning in
cuc, sprouts, avo, & nooch = lunch

Bear goes to the office but Pilot and Dan stayed home with me
hung out with Buddy Nichols at Six Stair

tried RAHEL in little Ethiopia for lunch

caught the buffet and it was awesome. 100% teff injera upon request
Fos was leaving, but Andrew was arriving @ Supreme

Tino Razo only took a few runs and killed it every time!

front rock in the newly resurfaced and new coping zone...

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