Tuesday, November 27, 2012


1st stop after SKATE LAB was South Bay Skates

James has an epic collection on display all over the shop
At Transitions Buddy showed me a pic of him & his ALVA in 1978

pics of HAWK that he took at DEL MAR in July 1985!

thought I get to the ocean for sunset, but this was the best I got
met Lexi at the Redondo Pier for some sightseeing

this fella wasn't bashful

Lexi was a good sport and watched me kareoke
a fireside game of Pass the Pigs
the fire pit at Starboard Attitude - Dino was a great KJ
It was too late to eat, but I vowed to return in the morning

woke up to a misty morning on PCH
IGGY POP outside of Weeman's Chronic Tacos

not the best tacos I've ever had, but I was glad I went

Mikendo joined me and we got caught up.
rode bikes with Lexi after the fog burned off

had tea and played dominos
it was a heavy session at CHERRY - Daniel & Andrew
 So I was only at Cherry Park for 30 minutes & when I rolled up Charlie was there with Chad TimTim, Stefan Attardo, & Levi Brown. 10 minutes later the Lutheran brothers showed up with Collin Provost.
the only transition at the place - p:levi brown

fellow vegan Charlie Thomas - ollie up, back 360 off the top!
met Patty @ 118 for dinner - pesto stuffed shrooms!

salads for the main course

went over to UNIT B for an AUTISM benefit - Micke Alba!!!
DIRTBAG from the high desert!
ended the night farkeling w/ Eric xxx and his gal pal LISA

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