Monday, November 12, 2012

skate & create

This screening kept me in Portland a few extra days!
Howard from Cal Skate was beaming!
Klich's finger, Josh Harper & the chad miller

William comes out of the light!

Howard introduced the film

I was really excited to see this... I kept missing screenings

yabble dabble~

After the film, Howard brought surprise guest Lance Mountain to the stage

Lance and Craig Stecyk did a brief Q & A
Craig and Lance outside after the film!

earlier that day, two 40 year old men got together to tackle...

a 5 inch curb
chad with the backside slappie
i prefer the frontside slappie

hopefully you recognize this

well this is the new area....

and I left a day or two too soon to ride it...
got to hang with another vegan chris....chris slatky

I brought the hummus party

chris brought the baked acorn squash!
chris laid up this fresh crete

I brought the fellas some sandwiches

smith grinder
Spenser has some of his art up near Brooklyn Street

Kenny tried his luck buttboarding & came out a little wet

another day at the office
got to see Klich's handiwork once the forms came off

bird and the state of OREGON

ohhhh so close to being ready....

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