Thursday, November 15, 2012


Motored right to Neck's house and we drove around to a couple of parks

this park was only a week old....and the roller skaters were there
tried the gluten free crust @ PRI. pesto & broccoli
Betty Quick made me an ICONIC bowl of oatmeal - my best ever
I wish I didn't have to go to work right now...
Betty and Manny were off early so I blogged at their crib
Met up for an after work bike ride around town

the trail down on the Willamette River

gettin funky
Sunset up on Skinner's Butte

my friend lives next to the Coconut Bliss owners right out there

I peeled off to see if I could catch dinner at the LORAX

it's a housing coop that's been going for years
dinner was delightful!
stumbled onto some screenprinting

making patches in the living room
believe it.

Betty had me try some turnips before MOONRISE KINGDOM
Saw this on the door at the movie theater

stopped by Govinda's for lunch on my way out of town
the food was awesome...even though I ate too much

this is from 99 when I went to a Govinda's in Prague
the fella in Eugene told me that when the krishna's do any type of restaurant, they always call it Govinda's~

thanks for the hospitality - neck and betty.

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