Saturday, November 17, 2012

Inside California

Last year was the same as this year. I get this mixed reaction when I cross back into CALIFORNIA. On one hand the trip is almost over, on the other hand - the tacos are sure to be better than anywhere else in the country.  I haven't been able to pinpoint the feeling. I bounce back and forth from elation to uncertainty. Regardless, it is nice to be back with the sun.

after battling the snow, I awoke to sunny skies and a view of Mt Shasta

found the skatepark in hopes that I could find a dry wall to front rock

found one....
heading into the hills to find new hot springs
stumbled onto Burney Falls
road the bike in 2 miles to Hunt Hot Springs

the far right pool was the hottest!
Hiked a 1/4 mile over the hill to Kosk Hot Springs

wasn't that hot, but the view was hard to beat!
tried to find Woody's at dusk&failed. Went to the coop in Quincy and they sorted me out.

Awoke to a light dusting of snow on the van
I was so close the night before....
I heard the train on the other side of the river, but couldn't see it

steamy and delightful
Found this dry ditch in the mountains. I wasn't the first to sample it.

came out into the plains and into the SUN.

it was sunny and I remember liking parts of the Yuba City skatepark
drove into SAC

had a quick curb session with Vegan Shawn
lunch in Davis at Natural Food Works - bioregional salad

cool mosaic carrot out front of the Davis Coop
Ended the night with dinner with Olivia & Phil - my Free Market accomplices
the final market of 2012 is approaching... Dec 9th!

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