Saturday, November 17, 2012

the bay area

drove over the Richmond bridge to the EAST BAY
Flaco Tacos - the huarache - the taco on steroids
sunset from Flacos on the Berkeley / Oakland border
walked around Berkeley waiting for the LONG HAUL to open

went to the donut farm early. limited myself to one blueberry donut

surprise visit from GORDON ECKLER

Carolina came in before she was off to class.

Souley Vegan was worth the wait
yams - mustard greens - red beans & brown rice

over the Bay Bridge into the City and right to Thrasher
visited with matt D at DLX - fos did the window recently
over to potrero for a few turns
sunset at the skatepark
the Grant Brittain photo show was still up at FTC - neil, tommy, tony

Bryce at China Banks

Lance on fire at Terror in Tahoe

Jeremy Fish - Silly Pink Bunny's installation - Laguna & Haight

Sunset in the Mission

Split the flauta's with ADAM @ Gracias Madre

ohhhh those squash quesadillas are soooo good.
Adam tears into his plantain taco
a fundraiser screening of BONES BRIGADE - Tommy introduced it

Harvey Milk looking more like Frank Zappa in the Castro

the Seward Mini Park slide
met Heidi for lunch in downtown at PLANT

we sat on the street where I got a high five from an unsuspecting businessman
went to the BISONICS premiere supported by SNACK

i was there early & got one of few seats. it packed up

I've been reading
tried Herbivore in the Mission for lunch
Heidi & I stumbled on to a cool kids book opening in the Mission
Daniel Spiro met me at a cafe: he soon invited back to his pad

Frisco was chilling
Daniel made a fine bowl of oatmeal
we actually got to skate between the raindrops. BackLIP

Charley watches as Daniel wallies

found a sweet vegan spot in San Rafael called Radiance
Heidi & I met Donn Streb for a bluegrass band in Sauselito!

Heidi engaged in arts and crafts with a child

She made me a nametag that reflects my signature when I get a highscore on Galaga

Snowblind Traveler playing live at the Low Tide Club
Met EB at the Donut Farm for fritters

thanks for the treat, eric.
their tip jar was the same as Kenny's pickle jar... we left it there!!!

apple and banana fritters fresh outta the fryer - so much better warm and gooey

not gluten free, but organic....

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