Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IDA and the end of portland

After the Bones Brigade screening, I went to sleep, planning on departing that next morning. When I awoke on Saturday morning, I checked facebook and found a post from IDA... they will be playing on Sunday evening in Portland!!!!!    This couldn't be better timing!  I failed to stumble onto a show when I was in there area of New York so hearing about this single show in Portland truly made my year. They played a show in Chicago in mid OCT and I toyed with the idea of flying out to it.... I hurried and made a little flyer to post around and soon found out that the show was FREE.

the flyer I made for the show

Got a surprise to see Daniel's brother on drums

Storey joined the band for a family sing along
Michael played guitar on a few songs

and on SHRUG, Michael's wife took on the role of the bass via a guitar
I was so blessed to be able to see them again... Before the show they set out a piece of paper and circulated it around the restaurant taking requests... They ended up playing loads of my favorites and even tried to play a rare track that I requested called Truxton Park. thanks Daniel! 
Some other friends were playing at a venue across the river, so I took off as IDA broke down for the evening.

I missed the GOAT by about an hour... But I saw Shane & Kevin out front

Waters helped me get in to see Cat Power
and more importantly, I got to see Curt Power before I headed out to Eugene
AND NOW for some photos from earlier on Sat & Sun..... Let's take a trip back in time....

hummus party with Brandon & Kenny
met CHAD for brunch at Portabello
that led to ACME donuts

and their vegan selections

mexican chocolate for me - twist for chad

chuck norris or just some chuck?
and that led to a brief skate at Ed Bennedict
Chad exhibits his planking tech. Check the Jeff Phillips shirt

portable basketball tournaments off the back of a van!!

part of the NOV photo show at RED & BLACK focusing on outdoor time

fun times with random friendly cats
Steve hipped me to this documentary!

rad cob bench in SE near People's Coop

found this awesome use of private to public space
you bet I sat down for a while
got Ken on the move

breakfast @ A.N.D. cafe
dinner @ Canteen
tea at Rimski's before the skatepark fundraiser

Cody Boat on guitar w/ Dog Bite at the skatepark fundraiser
So long Portland... it was a glorious month...

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